Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon flip-up helmet June 21, 2024 08:22

The new Schuberth C4 Pro is an evolution of the previous C4 model, with the C4 Pro Carbon model being the top-of the range. 


Outer shell

The Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon has a very distinctive large checker-board style carbon-fibre weave. Revealed through the excellently-applied and well finished graphics, it looks great. 


The C4 Pro and C4 Pro Carbon both come with an antenna, speakers and microphone ready fitted for a Sena-made intercom module. Fitting the intercom is easy – just plug in the battery and control module, and it’s ready to use.



The C4 Pro Carbon weighs just 1491g in a medium, which is very impressive; the standard C4 Pro is 1695g. Having said that, while you can feel it in the hand, there’s little discernible difference when it’s on the head.


C4 Pro and C4 Pro Carbon ventilation is impressive. The top vent is very easy to use, and it has a mesh over the two intake holes to stop large bugs getting blasted inside. It’s also easy to remove the top and clean it out.

Cooling air is easy to control with a two position and off action, while the open or closed chin vent does a good job of directing air up to your brow once you get up to speed.


Channels in the helmet help the air to move across the head, ending underneath the skirt.


The Schuberth C4 Pro has a big visor – horizontal view is fairly typical, but the deep apeture means you get a larger field of view horizontally making looking down to your pockets easy.

Thumb tabs on either side of the visor make it easy to pop open even if you’re sat at traffic lights with the clutch held in, and removing it is easy with a pair of levers releasing it quickly for cleaning.

The built-in sunshield drops down well without touching your nose. A small lever built into the slider on the bottom left of the shell allows you to restrict the drop by about 4mm, in the event it touches your nose.

The standard visor is optically very clear with no distortion.


The fully-removable lining can be washed to keep the C4 Pro fresh, and has been redesigned since the original C4 to be more plush and to seal more tightly around the neck.


A micro-ratchet fastener makes it easy to do the strap up even with gloves on; once set, it’ll give a secure fit every time. Some prefer a double-D strap, but on a touring lid like this it makes sense.

To keep the C4 Pro as quiet as possible, the opening is very tight, so it’s not possible to put the lid on without opening it first. On a naked bike, the C4 Pro is outstandingly quiet.


There’s a lot to like about the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon, especially on a naked bike. It is expensive but this is the top-end model. With C4 Pro you’re getting the same fit and design, including intercom, only difference is C4 Pro is slightly cheaper than the Carbon version.




Schuberth Accident Insurance Program 2024 June 4, 2024 22:02

The SCHUBERTH Accident Insurance Program 2024 is attractive for you as end-user customer:

  1. Safety Assurance: Helmets are a critical component of safety gear for motorcyclists and other users. The program ensures that you can replace their helmet at 1/3 of the cost after an accident, maintaining the highest safety standards without the worry of using a potentially compromised helmet.
  2. Financial Relief: The replacement program alleviates the financial burden of purchasing a new helmet after an accident, making it an economically attractive option.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that their helmet can be replaced easily if it is damaged in an accident provides you with peace of mind. You can ride with confidence, knowing that your investment in safety is protected.
  4. Brand Reliability: SCHUBERTH is known for producing high-quality, reliable helmets. This program is further proof of the reliability and trustworthiness of the brand.
  5. Quick and Easy Replacement Process: The program is designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward process for claiming a replacement. This ease of use is a significant advantage for you who may already be dealing with the aftermath of an accident.
  6. Improved Safety Outcomes: By encouraging customers to replace their helmets after an accident, the program promotes better safety practices. Using a helmet that has been compromised in an accident can be dangerous, so the replacement program helps ensure that you always have effective protection.
  7. Customer-Centric Approach: The program highlights SCHUBERTH’s commitment to its customers' safety and satisfaction, demonstrating a customer-centric approach that prioritizes the well-being of its users.

Overall, the SCHUBERTH Accident Insurance Program offers significant safety, financial, and convenience benefits, making it highly attractive to you, a fellow rider.

Learn more about the program by clicking the link below.



Daytona Road Star GTX boots October 19, 2019 23:19

Daytona Road Star GTX boots

Road Star GTX boots are born in Germany. Carefully hand-made with the highest quality cowhide, they also are 100% waterproof thanks to their Gore-Tex lining. 

The Road Star GTX has been thoughtfully designed to give ultimate protection in a crash situation and also protect you from the elements. They are definitely worthy of their CE-approval. As well as padded ankles and a wide shin plate, the Road Star GTX also has a galvanised steel inlay in the sole which protects your feet in the event of a crash.

Even with the best quality protection for your feet, the Road Star GTX is extremely comfortable thanks to their polyurethane sole which supports your foot with every step, and the adjustable calf Velcro panels. Not only that, but it is also available in both a narrow and wide style so you are almost certainly going to find the right fit for you. The soft lining inside will also provide ultimate comfort, even when wearing shorter socks.

Road Star GTX boots are also wonderfully convenient. They are easy to slip your foot into due to the 2 zips at the front of the boot that enable the entire front of the boot to open forward. As an added feature, the zips become covered when you close the boot thanks to the Velcro pieces on the outside.


What may also come as a surprise is how comfortable the boots are to walk in.

To add to the practicality of the boot, they are also repairable so these boots are likely to have a very long lifetime.

These boots are on the higher end of our product range but they are an investment that is sure to pay off. These boots have been a best-seller since 2011 when we at Innotesco started stocking them.

If you’re ready to experience riding with a Road Star GTX boot or are interested in adding these boots to your portfolio as a re-seller, feel free to contact us at any time.

Best suit for hot and humid conditions November 1, 2018 00:53

Rukka has a long history of producing tough, quality motorcycle gear. Rukka was one of the first companies to make use of the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane for motorcycle gear, launching its first Gore-Tex line in 1986. 

During the summer season you need to be prepared because one day may be super hot and dry, but the next you get a downpour. How do you choose the best gear for these conditions?

Many jacket manufacturers advertise the number of vents and flaps here and there, but you need to remember that in the case of an accident, every zip is a weak point.

Vented jackets and full mesh jackets are very different. Mesh allows 4 times the air flow to that of a vented jacket, no matter how many vents the jacket has.

Rukka AirPower category of products comes highly recommended. Tear- and abrasion-resistant Cordura AFT fabric with a knitted mesh structure gives more comfort when riding in a hot climate. Cordura AFT and AFT+, are types of fabric with a mesh structure and Rukka has jackets that are made entirely of these materials. This means that riding in a jacket like this gives a similar feeling to riding in a t-shirt with no comprise on safety or protection. IDEAL!

High performance polyamide fibres form the basis of light weight design that has an extremely high resistance against wear and tear. Knitted mesh structure is extremely breathable. Cordura AFT is 2-7 times more durable than Nylon, Polyester and Cotton.
It's also the most comfortable riding suit you'll ever tried on, the fabric is soft and pliable, and it has flexible D3O protectors for your safety.
Rukka provides you with the gear to suit whatever climate, as well as top level protection and ultimate comfort. On top of this, Rukka suits look smart. So your gear needs an upgrade and you're not a fan of the spaceman look, choose Rukka.



ADV ADV ADV - The New Rukka OffRoad Suit March 13, 2018 21:46

Rukka OffRoad Suit - R.O.R GTX

The Rukka R.O.R is an adventure jacket that combines Gore-Tex breathability and a waterproof shell and has a looser fit so you can choose the armour. The jacket uses a 2-layer Gore-Tex waterproof membrane in its heavy duty shell.

No armor is included, but the jacket includes pockets for Rukka D3O Air All back, shoulder and elbow protectors (sold separately). 


You can also wear Rukka Cepi or Kastor sleeveless protector vests underneath your jacket for back and chest protection. R.O.R loose fit allows you to use your own strap on body armor if you prefer that approach. 

For the serious Adventure (or dual sport) riders R.O.R is addressing the problem of needing modular off-road construction, with mesh and/or waterproof layers. Rukka R.O.R comes with 7 vents altogether, in the chest area, sleeves, underarm and at the back. The Rukka R.O.R jacket comes with matching pants with plenty of pocket space and ventilation. 


Enjoy winter, whether riding a bike, skiing, or hiking July 19, 2017 20:15

Vigleco gloves

Riding warm and safely with the Rukka Gore-Tex thermal gloves called  Vigleco.

Ideal for the cold season – the Vigleco is a warm motorcycle glove that is completely waterproof, creates a pleasant micro climate, is not too bulky and makes for a first-rate feel on the grips.

A particular detail is the glove’s double cuff which prevents rainwater or snow from entering the sleeve ends of the jacket. I.e. ideal for snow sports also.


Prestigious design prize for Rukka “Energater GTX” January 21, 2017 10:28


Rukka’s “Energater GTX” does not only offer perfect weather protection, convincing safety and high wearing comfort. The high tech adventure style suit also features a pioneering design – as evidenced by the American GOOD DESIGN prize awarded by the world famous museum Chicago Athenaeum.

For no less than 66 years, the Chicago Athenaeum, one of the world’s most reputable museums for architecture and design, has been presenting not only annual awards for outstanding architecture and design but also the GOOD DESIGN prizes, honoring innovative product and graphic design in numerous categories. These awards not only rank among the most prestigious and recognized accolades for industry products but also among the oldest in this field. The GOOD DESIGN prizes honor high-quality products which are impressive in style, function and aesthetics, and have been awarded for projects as diverse as the Artemide Cadmo lamp and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet.

For 2016, the museum received submissions from several thousands of leading manufacturers and design firms from 55 countries applying for the coveted award with selected products, including Rukka with the Energater GTX. The high-profile jury panel awarded the Rukka motorsport design team with the one and only GOOD DESIGN prize for a product from the area of motorcycling outfits. This means the Energater GTX will become part of the museum’s permanent design collection, will be featured in the GOOD DESIGN Yearbook 2016/2017 and has been posted not only on the website of the Chicago Athenaeum ( but also on the website of the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies ( On January 27, 2017, the GOOD DESIGN prizes will be officially presented to the winners during the gala event GOOD DESIGN NIGHT in New York.

Rukka and Gore – a partnership spanning three decades October 17, 2016 06:11

Exactly 30 years ago, Rukka launched its first motorcycle riding suite equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane, laying the foundation for the mutual success story of Rukka and Gore. 

50 years ago, the Rukka brand name came into being and 30 years ago, Rukka launched the first textile motorcycle riding suit with a Gore-Tex membrane, setting completely new standards for motorcyclists regarding comfort and safety. That means the 30-year collaboration of Rukka and Gore is and remains without parallel and retains its unique significance for the history of motorcycling apparel.

Worth the money? September 11, 2016 21:52

Sometimes it's best that we keep it short and let the customers speak


Looking for good boots? July 8, 2016 22:09

It's that time of year, wet and cold. When it comes to the boots, we want something that is good value for money, waterproof, safe and... wait...comfortable to walk in? Am I asking too much? 

Is it possible to produce boots that look good, are waterproof, are highest of quality and safe?

Travel Star Pro CE


Most Daytona boots come with a Gore-Tex membrane for the very highest levels of waterproofness. Most boots are also made from hydrophobic leather that actually repels water.

Trans Open GTX

In the sole, Daytona boots have a steel shank for stiffness and protection. Take our offroad/enduro boots, you can stand on your pegs and not have tired feet after a day of good exercise on 2 wheels. As you would expect, you also get hard protectors for the heel, ankles, and toe area. 

Daytona boots all come with a two year warranty, but for most motorcyclists a pair of Daytona's will last a lifetime.

European Motorrad magazine readers in Europe have voted Daytona boots as the winner for 11 years in a row - need I say more?


Your Rukka GORE-TEX garment - keep it clear June 2, 2016 23:41

To maintain maximum performance, it is important to clean your Rukka GORE-TEX garment regularly.


Before you wash you gear, remove all protectors.

Machine wash inside out on fine wash programme at 30-40°C with normal fine washing powder without softener. For best results give your garment an extra rise to wash any residual soaps from the garment. Put only one product at a time in the machine. 

Let the garment dry and put the protectors back

If professionally dry-cleaned, request clear distilled solvent rinse and spray repellent. If garments are really dirty and have not been regularly washed over an extended period of use, dry cleaning could be necessary to most effectively reduce the accumulation of contaminants. 

Always, see the individual care instructions of each Rukka product.


Choosing gloves June 21, 2015 19:41

Many motorcyclists tend to focus on helmets and jackets when they are buying protective gear. There's a lot more to take into account. Hands are too often taken for granted, but when it comes to gloves, you should make sure you buy the most protective and comfortable gloves. Your fingers and hands need to be comfortable and protected at all times, so make sure the gloves fit properly. 

This may sound like common sense, but gloves are regularly overlooked and it’s not often recognised how much a good quality, well-fitting pair can improve your riding experience.

Something to consider, when buying gloves:

  • Do you ride all year round?
  • Do you have heated grips?
  • Do you ride a sport bike or cruiser?
  • Do you ride off-road?

For each scenario you have different requirements for your gloves. You will find gloves designed for each of these tasks, offering different materials, colours and styles to choose from in Rukka's range

Motorcycle gloves have to fit 'like a glove', like a 'second skin'. In all sorts of conditions, whether it be in cold rainy weather, or in the blazing sun, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your gloves, and should always have full control over your bike.

The heel of your palm will be the first thing to touch down in any impact, therefore requires better protection against abrasion. At the same time, the rest of the palm should be thin and supple for ultimate sensitivity. 

There are four areas that you should be concerned with when buying gloves:

1. Fit - Do the gloves fit well? They should be snug, but not too tight. Your hands must feel comfortable in the gloves, never restricted.

2. Feel – How do they feel? Are they too bulky? Is there too much inner liner or too little? Does the liner impede the movement of your fingers?

3. Construction – Is there an in seam or outer stitching? What type of material is used in the construction? Some people prefer leather, others prefer fabric. Hard knuckles are suitable for some people while others prefer soft knuckles.

4. Features – Does your riding require good venting? Do you prefer long gauntlet type gloves or short wrist length gloves?

Ultimately it comes down to the type of riding you do.

Impact protection in the form of hard or soft protectors can help your knuckles and finger joints survive an impact. Gauntlets provide plenty of overlap with your jacket, sealing out wind and rain  and protecting your wrists.


Are you looking for gloves for winter use? If so, you need to leave a bit more space in the glove so that the insulation can work optimally. If it’s a summer glove it should have snugger fit and ideally is waterproof. Or does it need to be ventilated?

You should clean your gloves on a regular basis, to get rid of the road grime and sweat from your hands that build up. Gloves should be washed in warm water with a light soap and then rinsed clean with cold water. Don’t wring the gloves out but leave them to dry naturally.

Using any type of heat can damage your gloves’ material so no blow dryers or no clothes driers. It’s also a good idea to put them back on when they’re still damp to get the correct form that fits your hands and then leave them to fully dry.

So when it’s time for a new pair of gloves, consider the type of bike you ride, what time of year you are going to be riding and then make sure that the Rukka pair you choose fit really well.

Base and Midlayer - motorcycle underwear June 8, 2015 12:22

What you are wearing under your motorcycle jacket and pants can make a big difference when it comes to your riding experience. When riding in colder weather you may feel like putting a few layers of clothing to stay warm and comfortable. You start feeling like a 'michelin man', not comfortable at all.

But yes, there is such a thing as Motorcycle Underwear!  Base and mid layers that are designed for motorcycle riders. Layering appropriately can really make the difference comfort wise. 

When dressing for cold weather you need to make sure you have quality motocycle underwear to keep you dry and warm. 


Merino wool is a high-end material used in performance athletic wear. Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin.

Like cotton, wool absorbs water (up to 1/3 its weight), but, unlike cotton, wool retains warmth when wet. Like most wools, merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. Merino is one of the softest types of wool available, due to finer fibres and smaller scales. It has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibres have microscopic cortices of dead air, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.


Moody underwear, shirt and pants



Outlast works as a thermal shock absorber by slowing the rate of temperature change within a wearer’s personal microclimate. Outlast reduces the rate at which a person will overheat or get cold.


Outlast underwear, shirt and pants



But base and mid layers can really make the difference in hot weather as well! Leathers and nylon start feeling uncomfortable and can get sticky when the temperature rises. A layer of soft underwear between the rider's skin and the jacket can can make a difference. An underwear layer keeps the jacket or pants from resting directly on the skin, allowing air to circulate and preventing the sweaty skin from sticking to the outer layer. 

Some of the motorcycle underwear is specifically designed for warm or hot weather use. This creates "micro-climate" within the garment, allowing an insulating layer of air to both keep you cool or warm when appropriate.  

Many of our products are made from a type of fabric that wicks away moisture (draws moisture from the skin to the outer layer of fabric), which can also add to the comfort on those hot and sticky days.

A.W. S Dry

AWS Dry is a moisture management technology that conducts sweat away from the body through moisture-dissipating material to keep you dry and comfortable. 100% polyester.


Dani long sleeved t-shirt




CoolMax® has been specially engineered to keep you dry and comfortable through proprietary four-channel fibers. When the body perspires, CoolMax® moves moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric on the market today.


MAX and MONA underwear, shirt and pants



One of the most unique characteristics of the woven softshell fabrics is the combination of windproofness, a high level of water resistance and stretch. The end results is elastic, lightweight, windproof and breathable jacket that packs small and travels with you everywhere. 

Alpha for men and Beta for ladies

Rukka D3O Air Protectors May 24, 2015 14:56

D3O® is a smart, rate sensitive material – the stress vs. strain characteristics are dependent on the rate of loading. This means that the harder the impact, the greater the resistance to the force.

D3O® and Rukka worked together to develop a unique D3O® air material only for Rukka which was then used in the production of an exclusively designed range of Rukka limb and back protector components.


D3O® is a patented protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions.

The material contains intelligent molecules that flow freely when moving but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy, instantly returning to their flexible state.


  • High performance shock absorbtion
  • Trusted protection
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tested to highest standards
  • Prevents the outer material from breaking and the user from skin damages

Rukka motorcycling outfits carry the patented breathable Rukka Air Protectors that meet the CE norms and function equally in all weather conditions.


CE EN 1621-1 2012, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee/Shin

CE EN 1621-2 2014, Central Back and Full Back

PPE DIRECTIVE (89/686/EEC), Chest



Rukka WINDSTOPPER® Products May 19, 2015 22:51

WINDSTOPPER® products offer you the unique combination of total windproofness and optimized breathability. This performance is provided by the ultra light and thin WINDSTOPPER® membrane that adds total wind protection to any textile without perceivably changing its breathability. Windproofness stops your body from feeling the chilling effects of wind and weather, while protecting the warm yet highly sensitive micro-climate that surrounds your skin. High breathability prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape.

Gamma and Delta WINDSTOPPER N2S undergarments are a combination of Windstopper and microfleece. Windstopper membrane keeps the wind out while retaining breathability. Microfleece feels soft and comfortable, keeps you warm and transfers body’s extra moisture further.

WINDSTOPPER N2S products can be worn either directly on the skin to serve as functional undergarments or above the functional underwear to form an additional, warming layer.

Perfect Underwear for cool weather riding May 11, 2015 13:17

Outlast is used in temperature regulating textiles, fabrics, fibers, and knits. Outlast offers Thermocules, a micro-encapsulated phase change materials, which are incorporated into fabrics and fibres for absorbing, storing, and releasing excess heat. 

Outlast Technologies was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2005 and become a Certified Space Technology in 2003.


Rukka uses Outlast extensively in it's underwear, mid-layer and inner lining of some motorcycle jackets and thermal gloves. 

Armacor and Superfabric May 3, 2015 11:06

In order to make its motorcycling wear safer and more comfortable for the riders, Rukka uses Armacor and Superfabric in outer materials in its top range gear. Rukka also uses D3O body armour to safeguard riders from an impact. So you must be wondering, what exact are these materials: Armcor, Super Fabric and D3O?

There are basically three things that could happen in the event of an accident. You’re either going to slide, tumble, or both. CE rated armour like Rukka D3O addresses the tumbling side of the equation while the fabric(s) of the outer shell address the sliding issue. 

Cordura® is a largely used abrasion resistant material in motorcycling wear.

Cordura is used in motorcycling products that are durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fibre technologies, Cordura fabrics are exceptionally durable. Cordura is a variety of nylon which is extremely tear and scuff resistant, and whose strength-to-weight ratio is quite high. Cordura fabric is used when fabric durability is paramount. Cordura fabric is specially made to be long lasting and to endure.


Kevlar, as an aramid fibre, is best used when heat will be an issue.

Aramid fabrics are those that have virtually no melting point, have extraordinary weight-to-strength ratios and a very low flammability. This is why Kevlar is used to make safety equipment such as motorcycle wear, designed to protect users from cuts, abrasions and heat. Kevlar based protective gear is often considerably lighter and thinner than equivalent gear made of more traditional materials.


Armcor is a high-tech Kevlar and Cordura weave used on crash zones of top range of Rukka textile suits.

Armacor offers the best abrasion resistance of any textile and offers the ultimate in strength, durability and weather protection. Kevlar's melting point is above 500 Celsius which makes it is very well suited for the high impact areas. Armacor is a blend of Cordura 700D and kevlar fibres (every 4th thread in the weave is Kevlar) backed by a Gore-Tex membrane.


SuperFabric® is 14x more abrasion resistant than Kevlar

The perfect fusion of material, science and style, SuperFabric® armour plates provide a flexible barrier from abrasion, scuffs, and scrapes and provides a formidable barrier against a variety of razor-like threats. SuperFabric® has been NASA lab tested and is being used in ski jackets, pants, motorcycle apparel, arm guards and so much more!

Never have we seen a SuperFabric panel worn through, even in critical areas. 

Be proactive and choose the right gear April 26, 2015 22:13

You are a motorcycling enthusiast, right? You head out to the road, make sure you're wearing the right stuff every time you saddle up. Cars are in essence, safety equipment, but on a bike you need to be proactive and choose the right stuff for the weather to keep you safe and comfortable. 


A T-shirt won't save you when you go down. Unless you want to experience the asphalt cheese grater firsthand, we recommend wearing a real motorcycle jacket. The best ones combine tough abrasion-resistant shells with CE approved body armour for key strike zones, areas that would contact the ground first during a fall, like the elbows and shoulders.

One thing you should never do is accept a jacket without a proper, CE approved back protector. 

When choosing your summer jacket, any material through which you can see is inadequate protection at highway speed. Riders will be quick to ditch the stifling nylon liner on hot days, but the polyester shell gets scratchy and irritating on its own. It can be tempting to just take the jacket off. This is where Rukka jackets and pants are different. They are specifically designed for your comfort to ensure that you wear the correct protective clothing while riding, just in case of an accident.


You put focus on the jacket, ordinary street pants may seem like a good idea. That is, until you go skidding down the highway with nothing but a layer of cotton between the road and your skin. The best pants are made out of abrasion resistant and durable textile materials or leather, and include padding for your knees and hips.

Good riding pants should be a blend the comfort and crash protection. We come in all shapes and sizes, especially length of the legs vary from one person to another. It is important to have the protectors in the right spots. You don’t want the knee protector hang below your knee.

Removable thermal liner makes a lot of sense. You can take the lining out and put it in depending on conditions, making pants highly adaptable to varying weather conditions. When the rain comes down, you want your pants to be waterproof; whether the outer shell is waterproof or the liner is waterproof. Either way, you’ll be nice and dry.


On a bike you need to secure your feet from various things: the asphalt flying underneath like an out-of-control treadmill; bugs and road debris battering from all sides and a high-revving engine that would just love to scorch your instep. You need special protection. 

Any sneakers or regular shoes won't cut it. In safety tests, reports have found that dress shoes and sneakers provide as much real crash protection as a pair of flip-flops. Yes, it's true. So make sure to buy proper boots. All motorcycle boots should provide a stiff toe box for firm shifting and a nonslip sole for standing while stopped, and should cover your ankles to protect them in a crash.

Ankle protection is very important. If you smash your ankle, you probably won’t be able to have proper foot movement after that and walking becomes difficult. 

Imagine you’re on a longer ride and the rain comes pouring down. It is the most uncomfortable feeling when your feet get cold, let alone when they are both wet and cold. For all year ‘round use you most definitely want your boots to be waterproof. But you don’t want to put your feet in a plastic shell, your feet will become sweaty and smelly. This is when leather boots with Gore-Tex are the way to go.

On the weekend rides you may want to stop here and there, take a look around and walk around. It’s a big ask, but the boots need to be good for walking too. 



The best motorcycle gloves not only provide protection from bugs and other flying debris but most of all protect your hands and knuckles from abrasion in case of a crash They also improve grip and comfort, making a motorcycle's hand controls are easy to operate. They are warm and comfortable in cool weather and they are breathable when the summer weather gets hot. 

Keep a lookout for good material workmanship and external seams, which will prevent irritation on long rides. Short gloves are designed to slip under the cuff on a jacket, while long gauntlet-style gloves will cover the cuff. Selecting a jacket and gloves together will help you decide which style you prefer. You can look for leather or textile, but make sure the material and workmanship meet your needs and provide that much needed protection.

Make sure your gloves have both knuckle protection as well and scaphoid protection.

Ride safe:

If you are ever involved in a crash, remember that you can always replace helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and boots, but it is much more difficult to find new knees, hips, fingers, knuckles, elbows, shoulders etc.

Ride safe and remember to wear protective gear. 

How waterproof is your gear? April 18, 2015 11:29

How waterproof is your gear?

I’m sure many of us have experienced the situation where we’ve though we are buying waterproof motorcycle clothing, because the tag in the clothing claims it is waterproof. Or a sales person told us that. 

And then you head out for a longer ride, hit the rain just to realise that your jacket (for instance) is not keeping you dry, quite the opposite, you are wet to the bone. 

How are waterproof ratings determined?

Resistance provided

What it can withstand

No resistance to some resistance to moisture

Light rain, dry snow, no pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under light pressure

Light rain, average snow, light pressure

Rainproof and waterproof except under high pressure

Moderate rain, average snow, light pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under high pressure

Heavy rain, wet snow, some pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure

Heavy rain, wet snow, high pressure


One thing we need to be aware of: while some people refer to all waterproof/breathable fabrics as “GORE-TEX®,” it’s a proprietary product and technology of the W. L. Gore Corporation.

GORE-TEX® garments are fully seam sealed and feature a “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®” promise. Although many laminates are waterproof, a GORE-TEX® membrane is capable of maintaining an extremely high level of waterproofness while staying very breathable thanks to billions of microscopic pores that let water vapour out and prevent liquid water from entering.




New face and new phase in Innotesco's business April 7, 2015 22:00

It's been more than 5 years when Innotesco started as a family business, selling and marketing Rukka motorcycle garments and apparel in Australia and New Zealand. It was October 2010 at the MotoGP at Phillip Island where many Australian and New Zealand motorcycle riders came across Rukka for the first time in their life. Since then motorcycle riders in this part of the world have been becoming increasingly aware of our company and the quality of our gear. Now there are many people around this region better protected because of our gear. 

In November 2011 we added Daytona boots to our range. Another quality brand to offer and boy, have you, dear customer taken it positively.  

We have now refreshed our online presence and have made it more user friendly. Happy shopping!



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