Choosing gloves June 21, 2015 19:41

Many motorcyclists tend to focus on helmets and jackets when they are buying protective gear. There's a lot more to take into account. Hands are too often taken for granted, but when it comes to gloves, you should make sure you buy the most protective and comfortable gloves. Your fingers and hands need to be comfortable and protected at all times, so make sure the gloves fit properly. 

This may sound like common sense, but gloves are regularly overlooked and it’s not often recognised how much a good quality, well-fitting pair can improve your riding experience.

Something to consider, when buying gloves:

  • Do you ride all year round?
  • Do you have heated grips?
  • Do you ride a sport bike or cruiser?
  • Do you ride off-road?

For each scenario you have different requirements for your gloves. You will find gloves designed for each of these tasks, offering different materials, colours and styles to choose from in Rukka's range

Motorcycle gloves have to fit 'like a glove', like a 'second skin'. In all sorts of conditions, whether it be in cold rainy weather, or in the blazing sun, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your gloves, and should always have full control over your bike.

The heel of your palm will be the first thing to touch down in any impact, therefore requires better protection against abrasion. At the same time, the rest of the palm should be thin and supple for ultimate sensitivity. 

There are four areas that you should be concerned with when buying gloves:

1. Fit - Do the gloves fit well? They should be snug, but not too tight. Your hands must feel comfortable in the gloves, never restricted.

2. Feel – How do they feel? Are they too bulky? Is there too much inner liner or too little? Does the liner impede the movement of your fingers?

3. Construction – Is there an in seam or outer stitching? What type of material is used in the construction? Some people prefer leather, others prefer fabric. Hard knuckles are suitable for some people while others prefer soft knuckles.

4. Features – Does your riding require good venting? Do you prefer long gauntlet type gloves or short wrist length gloves?

Ultimately it comes down to the type of riding you do.

Impact protection in the form of hard or soft protectors can help your knuckles and finger joints survive an impact. Gauntlets provide plenty of overlap with your jacket, sealing out wind and rain  and protecting your wrists.


Are you looking for gloves for winter use? If so, you need to leave a bit more space in the glove so that the insulation can work optimally. If it’s a summer glove it should have snugger fit and ideally is waterproof. Or does it need to be ventilated?

You should clean your gloves on a regular basis, to get rid of the road grime and sweat from your hands that build up. Gloves should be washed in warm water with a light soap and then rinsed clean with cold water. Don’t wring the gloves out but leave them to dry naturally.

Using any type of heat can damage your gloves’ material so no blow dryers or no clothes driers. It’s also a good idea to put them back on when they’re still damp to get the correct form that fits your hands and then leave them to fully dry.

So when it’s time for a new pair of gloves, consider the type of bike you ride, what time of year you are going to be riding and then make sure that the Rukka pair you choose fit really well.