Rukka D3O Air Protectors May 24, 2015 14:56

D3O® is a smart, rate sensitive material – the stress vs. strain characteristics are dependent on the rate of loading. This means that the harder the impact, the greater the resistance to the force.

D3O® and Rukka worked together to develop a unique D3O® air material only for Rukka which was then used in the production of an exclusively designed range of Rukka limb and back protector components.


D3O® is a patented protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions.

The material contains intelligent molecules that flow freely when moving but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy, instantly returning to their flexible state.


  • High performance shock absorbtion
  • Trusted protection
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tested to highest standards
  • Prevents the outer material from breaking and the user from skin damages

Rukka motorcycling outfits carry the patented breathable Rukka Air Protectors that meet the CE norms and function equally in all weather conditions.


CE EN 1621-1 2012, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee/Shin

CE EN 1621-2 2014, Central Back and Full Back

PPE DIRECTIVE (89/686/EEC), Chest



Be proactive and choose the right gear April 26, 2015 22:13

You are a motorcycling enthusiast, right? You head out to the road, make sure you're wearing the right stuff every time you saddle up. Cars are in essence, safety equipment, but on a bike you need to be proactive and choose the right stuff for the weather to keep you safe and comfortable. 


A T-shirt won't save you when you go down. Unless you want to experience the asphalt cheese grater firsthand, we recommend wearing a real motorcycle jacket. The best ones combine tough abrasion-resistant shells with CE approved body armour for key strike zones, areas that would contact the ground first during a fall, like the elbows and shoulders.

One thing you should never do is accept a jacket without a proper, CE approved back protector. 

When choosing your summer jacket, any material through which you can see is inadequate protection at highway speed. Riders will be quick to ditch the stifling nylon liner on hot days, but the polyester shell gets scratchy and irritating on its own. It can be tempting to just take the jacket off. This is where Rukka jackets and pants are different. They are specifically designed for your comfort to ensure that you wear the correct protective clothing while riding, just in case of an accident.


You put focus on the jacket, ordinary street pants may seem like a good idea. That is, until you go skidding down the highway with nothing but a layer of cotton between the road and your skin. The best pants are made out of abrasion resistant and durable textile materials or leather, and include padding for your knees and hips.

Good riding pants should be a blend the comfort and crash protection. We come in all shapes and sizes, especially length of the legs vary from one person to another. It is important to have the protectors in the right spots. You don’t want the knee protector hang below your knee.

Removable thermal liner makes a lot of sense. You can take the lining out and put it in depending on conditions, making pants highly adaptable to varying weather conditions. When the rain comes down, you want your pants to be waterproof; whether the outer shell is waterproof or the liner is waterproof. Either way, you’ll be nice and dry.


On a bike you need to secure your feet from various things: the asphalt flying underneath like an out-of-control treadmill; bugs and road debris battering from all sides and a high-revving engine that would just love to scorch your instep. You need special protection. 

Any sneakers or regular shoes won't cut it. In safety tests, reports have found that dress shoes and sneakers provide as much real crash protection as a pair of flip-flops. Yes, it's true. So make sure to buy proper boots. All motorcycle boots should provide a stiff toe box for firm shifting and a nonslip sole for standing while stopped, and should cover your ankles to protect them in a crash.

Ankle protection is very important. If you smash your ankle, you probably won’t be able to have proper foot movement after that and walking becomes difficult. 

Imagine you’re on a longer ride and the rain comes pouring down. It is the most uncomfortable feeling when your feet get cold, let alone when they are both wet and cold. For all year ‘round use you most definitely want your boots to be waterproof. But you don’t want to put your feet in a plastic shell, your feet will become sweaty and smelly. This is when leather boots with Gore-Tex are the way to go.

On the weekend rides you may want to stop here and there, take a look around and walk around. It’s a big ask, but the boots need to be good for walking too. 



The best motorcycle gloves not only provide protection from bugs and other flying debris but most of all protect your hands and knuckles from abrasion in case of a crash They also improve grip and comfort, making a motorcycle's hand controls are easy to operate. They are warm and comfortable in cool weather and they are breathable when the summer weather gets hot. 

Keep a lookout for good material workmanship and external seams, which will prevent irritation on long rides. Short gloves are designed to slip under the cuff on a jacket, while long gauntlet-style gloves will cover the cuff. Selecting a jacket and gloves together will help you decide which style you prefer. You can look for leather or textile, but make sure the material and workmanship meet your needs and provide that much needed protection.

Make sure your gloves have both knuckle protection as well and scaphoid protection.

Ride safe:

If you are ever involved in a crash, remember that you can always replace helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and boots, but it is much more difficult to find new knees, hips, fingers, knuckles, elbows, shoulders etc.

Ride safe and remember to wear protective gear. 

How waterproof is your gear? April 18, 2015 11:29

How waterproof is your gear?

I’m sure many of us have experienced the situation where we’ve though we are buying waterproof motorcycle clothing, because the tag in the clothing claims it is waterproof. Or a sales person told us that. 

And then you head out for a longer ride, hit the rain just to realise that your jacket (for instance) is not keeping you dry, quite the opposite, you are wet to the bone. 

How are waterproof ratings determined?

Resistance provided

What it can withstand

No resistance to some resistance to moisture

Light rain, dry snow, no pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under light pressure

Light rain, average snow, light pressure

Rainproof and waterproof except under high pressure

Moderate rain, average snow, light pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under high pressure

Heavy rain, wet snow, some pressure

Rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure

Heavy rain, wet snow, high pressure


One thing we need to be aware of: while some people refer to all waterproof/breathable fabrics as “GORE-TEX®,” it’s a proprietary product and technology of the W. L. Gore Corporation.

GORE-TEX® garments are fully seam sealed and feature a “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®” promise. Although many laminates are waterproof, a GORE-TEX® membrane is capable of maintaining an extremely high level of waterproofness while staying very breathable thanks to billions of microscopic pores that let water vapour out and prevent liquid water from entering.




New face and new phase in Innotesco's business April 7, 2015 22:00

It's been more than 5 years when Innotesco started as a family business, selling and marketing Rukka motorcycle garments and apparel in Australia and New Zealand. It was October 2010 at the MotoGP at Phillip Island where many Australian and New Zealand motorcycle riders came across Rukka for the first time in their life. Since then motorcycle riders in this part of the world have been becoming increasingly aware of our company and the quality of our gear. Now there are many people around this region better protected because of our gear. 

In November 2011 we added Daytona boots to our range. Another quality brand to offer and boy, have you, dear customer taken it positively.  

We have now refreshed our online presence and have made it more user friendly. Happy shopping!



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