Innotesco Pty Ltd is proud to represent highest quality European motorcycle gear manufacturers, RUKKA, DAYTONA and SCHUBERTH locally in Australia and New Zealand. Our European suppliers take the warranty seriously and honour the terms and conditions, so do we.

We, as importer and distribution partners to RUKKA, DAYTONA and SCHUBERTH follow their manufacturer's warranty policies. In partnership with our suppliers we are proud to offer after sale services to our clients in Australia and New Zealand; to our reseller partners and their end customers. 


Rukka warranty, any manufacturing fault or material defect will be resolved free of charge, within the warranty period subject to the following terms and conditions.

Access RUKKA manufacturer's WARRANTY policy here 



Terms and Conditions shall apply to participation in the SCHUBERTH Warranty Programme

Access SCHUBERTH manufacturer's WARRANTY policy here


If you purchased your product in Australia or New Zealand through Innotesco Pty Ltd reseller partners or direct from us, you can contact us with any warranty claims for assistance and after sales service.

However, if you sourced your product direct or indirect from overseas, in all warranty claims you need to contact the selling dealer. Our after sales service only applies to the products imported by Innotesco Pty Ltd.


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