Innotesco Pty Ltd - Motorcycle Garments and Apparel without equal

Innotesco Pty Ltd is importer and distributor of highest quality European motorcycle garments and apparel in Australia and New Zealand. High quality, meaning greatness, merit, perfection, class, distinction, excellence and worth.

High quality motorcycle garments take years of research and innovation. The clothing and accessories we represent wide variety of high tech materials and technologies combined, resulting in safe and comfortable motorcycle wear and accessories. 

Rukka motorcycle clothing is known to be the best money can buy.



Daytona boots, made by hand in Germany have a reputation to be the best.

daytona® – best Brand 2016

'MOTORRAD' magazine, Europe's greatest motorbike magazine, holds an annual survey for the Best Brand. Daytona has now been chosen 11 times in a row in the biker boots category.

This year 63.1% of MOTORRAD voters opted for daytona®, the highest percentage ever for the brand.