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Innotesco Pty Ltd is importer and distributor of highest quality European motorcycle garments and apparel in Australia and New Zealand. High quality, meaning greatness, merit, perfection, class, distinction, excellence and worth.

High quality motorcycle garments take years of research and innovation. The clothing and accessories we represent wide variety of high tech materials and technologies combined, resulting in safe and comfortable motorcycle wear and accessories. 

Rukka motorcycle clothing is known to be the best money can buy.


Daytona boots, made by hand in Germany have a reputation to be the best
daytona® – best Brand 2021

MOTORRAD readers have voted the Daytona brand "Best Brand" for the 16th year in a row. Daytona's advantages are obvious. At brothers Reinhard and Helmut Frey, the entire business is focused solely on boots and nothing else. Customers praise the products' waterproofness, safety, wearing comfort and, above all, durability. Production takes place in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria. Each boot consists of over 120 high-quality individual parts and is meticulously assembled by hand.
Innotesco Pty Ltd is proud to carry another Top Quality brand in our product portfolio. 

Right at the top again in 2020: The readers of MOTORRAD, Europe's largest motorcycle magazine, once again voted helmet manufacturer SCHUBERTH the best brand.
For riders and racers, for explorers and dreamers. For every challenge, for every ground. A passion and a profession, a daily adventure and no excuses. We sweat ever detail because we love what we do. This is our thing.

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