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HOW to FIX Schuberth C5 VISOR coming down in higher speeds 

In the video, jump into 4:20. Melissa explains how she's fixed the issue. 

We are getting new visor mechanisms from Schuberth, consider this as a temporary fix. We'll change the visor mechanisms under warranty, once they arrive.


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Schuberth Communication System Videos


C5, E2 and S3

SC2 Communication System Tutorial

SC2 Tutorial - Pairing with the motorbike

C4 Pro

Pairing your SC1 Communication System

Pairing your Remote Control
with your SCHUBERTH Helmet

Pairing your cell phone
with your SCHUBERTH Helmet

SCHUBERTH Device Manager


How to install Schuberth SC10UA (or SENA 10U) into your E1 or C3 helmet 


Rukka D3O


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