Rukka WINDSTOPPER® Products May 19, 2015 22:51

WINDSTOPPER® products offer you the unique combination of total windproofness and optimized breathability. This performance is provided by the ultra light and thin WINDSTOPPER® membrane that adds total wind protection to any textile without perceivably changing its breathability. Windproofness stops your body from feeling the chilling effects of wind and weather, while protecting the warm yet highly sensitive micro-climate that surrounds your skin. High breathability prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape.

Gamma and Delta WINDSTOPPER N2S undergarments are a combination of Windstopper and microfleece. Windstopper membrane keeps the wind out while retaining breathability. Microfleece feels soft and comfortable, keeps you warm and transfers body’s extra moisture further.

WINDSTOPPER N2S products can be worn either directly on the skin to serve as functional undergarments or above the functional underwear to form an additional, warming layer.

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