Armacor and Superfabric May 3, 2015 11:06

In order to make its motorcycling wear safer and more comfortable for the riders, Rukka uses Armacor and Superfabric in outer materials in its top range gear. Rukka also uses D3O body armour to safeguard riders from an impact. So you must be wondering, what exact are these materials: Armcor, Super Fabric and D3O?

There are basically three things that could happen in the event of an accident. You’re either going to slide, tumble, or both. CE rated armour like Rukka D3O addresses the tumbling side of the equation while the fabric(s) of the outer shell address the sliding issue. 

Cordura® is a largely used abrasion resistant material in motorcycling wear.

Cordura is used in motorcycling products that are durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fibre technologies, Cordura fabrics are exceptionally durable. Cordura is a variety of nylon which is extremely tear and scuff resistant, and whose strength-to-weight ratio is quite high. Cordura fabric is used when fabric durability is paramount. Cordura fabric is specially made to be long lasting and to endure.


Kevlar, as an aramid fibre, is best used when heat will be an issue.

Aramid fabrics are those that have virtually no melting point, have extraordinary weight-to-strength ratios and a very low flammability. This is why Kevlar is used to make safety equipment such as motorcycle wear, designed to protect users from cuts, abrasions and heat. Kevlar based protective gear is often considerably lighter and thinner than equivalent gear made of more traditional materials.


Armcor is a high-tech Kevlar and Cordura weave used on crash zones of top range of Rukka textile suits.

Armacor offers the best abrasion resistance of any textile and offers the ultimate in strength, durability and weather protection. Kevlar's melting point is above 500 Celsius which makes it is very well suited for the high impact areas. Armacor is a blend of Cordura 700D and kevlar fibres (every 4th thread in the weave is Kevlar) backed by a Gore-Tex membrane.


SuperFabric® is 14x more abrasion resistant than Kevlar

The perfect fusion of material, science and style, SuperFabric® armour plates provide a flexible barrier from abrasion, scuffs, and scrapes and provides a formidable barrier against a variety of razor-like threats. SuperFabric® has been NASA lab tested and is being used in ski jackets, pants, motorcycle apparel, arm guards and so much more!

Never have we seen a SuperFabric panel worn through, even in critical areas. 

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