Best suit for hot and humid conditions November 1, 2018 00:53

Rukka has a long history of producing tough, quality motorcycle gear. Rukka was one of the first companies to make use of the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane for motorcycle gear, launching its first Gore-Tex line in 1986. 

During the summer season you need to be prepared because one day may be super hot and dry, but the next you get a downpour. How do you choose the best gear for these conditions?

Many jacket manufacturers advertise the number of vents and flaps here and there, but you need to remember that in the case of an accident, every zip is a weak point.

Vented jackets and full mesh jackets are very different. Mesh allows 4 times the air flow to that of a vented jacket, no matter how many vents the jacket has.

Rukka AirPower category of products comes highly recommended. Tear- and abrasion-resistant Cordura AFT fabric with a knitted mesh structure gives more comfort when riding in a hot climate. Cordura AFT and AFT+, are types of fabric with a mesh structure and Rukka has jackets that are made entirely of these materials. This means that riding in a jacket like this gives a similar feeling to riding in a t-shirt with no comprise on safety or protection. IDEAL!

High performance polyamide fibres form the basis of light weight design that has an extremely high resistance against wear and tear. Knitted mesh structure is extremely breathable. Cordura AFT is 2-7 times more durable than Nylon, Polyester and Cotton.
It's also the most comfortable riding suit you'll ever tried on, the fabric is soft and pliable, and it has flexible D3O protectors for your safety.
Rukka provides you with the gear to suit whatever climate, as well as top level protection and ultimate comfort. On top of this, Rukka suits look smart. So your gear needs an upgrade and you're not a fan of the spaceman look, choose Rukka.