Your Rukka GORE-TEX garment - keep it clear June 2, 2016 23:41

To maintain maximum performance, it is important to clean your Rukka GORE-TEX garment regularly.


Before you wash you gear, remove all protectors.

Machine wash inside out on fine wash programme at 30-40°C with normal fine washing powder without softener. For best results give your garment an extra rise to wash any residual soaps from the garment. Put only one product at a time in the machine. 

Let the garment dry and put the protectors back

If professionally dry-cleaned, request clear distilled solvent rinse and spray repellent. If garments are really dirty and have not been regularly washed over an extended period of use, dry cleaning could be necessary to most effectively reduce the accumulation of contaminants. 

Always, see the individual care instructions of each Rukka product.