Looking for good boots? July 8, 2016 22:09

It's that time of year, wet and cold. When it comes to the boots, we want something that is good value for money, waterproof, safe and... wait...comfortable to walk in? Am I asking too much? 

Is it possible to produce boots that look good, are waterproof, are highest of quality and safe?

Travel Star Pro CE


Most Daytona boots come with a Gore-Tex membrane for the very highest levels of waterproofness. Most boots are also made from hydrophobic leather that actually repels water.

Trans Open GTX

In the sole, Daytona boots have a steel shank for stiffness and protection. Take our offroad/enduro boots, you can stand on your pegs and not have tired feet after a day of good exercise on 2 wheels. As you would expect, you also get hard protectors for the heel, ankles, and toe area. 

Daytona boots all come with a two year warranty, but for most motorcyclists a pair of Daytona's will last a lifetime.

European Motorrad magazine readers in Europe have voted Daytona boots as the winner for 11 years in a row - need I say more?