S3 (Solid Colours)


S3 Sport Touring Helmet - RIDING AHEAD

The SCHUBERTH S3 marks the next steps of SCHUBERTH’s Sport touring helmet collection, as well as being the first SCHUBERTH full face helmet meeting the new ECE 22.06 homologation. The SCHUBERTH S3 is the perfect combination of the performance and safety of race helmets with the comfort of touring helmets. The brand new SCHUBERTH S3 incorporates all the latest SCHUBERTH standards in terms of safety, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics performance. 

New Chapter

The full face segment is part of SCHUBERTH's DNA and goes back to the origins of the company, with the "Integral" launched in 1976. For the development of this new full face helmet, experts, technicians and engineers took inspiration from this heritage to create a new generation of full face helmets which marks the beginning of a new chapter.


Since the first SCHUBERTH INTEGRAL, the outstanding aeroacoustics performance has been one of the distinguish elements of all SCHUBERTH full-face helmet. During the development of the S3 our technicians and test drivers spent long hours in SCHUBERTH property wind tunnel and on the German roads optimizing the helmet shell design to achieve the best balance between aerodynamics and very low noise level.


The linings of SCHUBERTH S3 set a new benchmark in terms of comfort. The standard padding has been developed to offer uncompromised comfort to all our customers, but those with "extreme head shapes" are usually forced to compromise with fit and sizes.

For SCHUBERTH compromise is not an option, so the S3 also benefits from the "Individual Program". A specific program aimed to ensure the maximum comfort to the rider giving the option to customize the internal padding with more thickness options for sides, back and cheek pads.

(Head Pad customization available for sizes M/L/XL).


At SCHUBERTH safety is our main focus. With the S3, SCHUBERTH introduces its first full face helmet with ECE-R 22.06 Homologation. This includes a new DFP Fibre Glass shell reinforced with Carbon fibre for improved shock absorption and lighter weight.

 Just like the whole SCHUBERTH collection, the S3 benefits from the Anti-Roll-Off-System connected with a chin strap in a new advanced position for improved comfort on the throat area.


With the new S3, SCHUBERTH introduces the S.R.S (SCHUBERTH RESCUE SYSTEM). 

Thanks to this system, emergency services can remove the cheekpads by pulling on the 2 lashes and reduce the forces applied to the rider's neck, facilitating the removal of the helmet.


SCHUBERTH S3 features a double chin Air Intake integrating a washable and exchangeable filter for proper breathing while riding in extreme conditions. The ergonomic buttons offer an easy adjustment of the two variable front vents.


The most advanced technology just for your SCHUBERTH S3. Extremely easy to install, to configure and use, SC2 sets a new standard for motorcycle communication. The microphone, HD speakers and three antennas for FM Radio, Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom are already pre-installed in the SCHUBERTH S3.

The SC2 is extremely simple to install: Remove the covers at the back of the helmet, free the remote control housing on the side, plug both in, turn them on, and you are ready to burn some rubber!


The S3 offers an Integrated and adjustable Flip down sun visor and an improved field of view thanks to the patented V-lock mechanism. 


Thanks to our in-house wind tunnel and numerous road tests, SCHUBERTH has optimized the aeroacoustics of its new full face helmet. The result is an outstanding performance of 85 dB(A) at 100 Km/h on a Naked Bike. 

Download S3 Manual

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