D3o All back XTR protector - LVL2


Rukka D3O All Back XTR Protector - LVL2

XTR to make it even more breathable

CE EN 1621-2:2014

D3O and Rukka worked together to develop a unique D3O material only for Rukka which was then used in the production of an exclusively designed range of Rukka limb, back and chest protector components.

The material contains intelligent molecules that flow freely when moving but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy, instantly returning to their flexible state.

D3O Air does not go hard when hit, the molecules lock together to absorb and spread the force, significantly reducing the effect of impact.

• High performance shock absorbtion 
• Trusted protection
• Maximum flexibility
• Extremely comfortable
• Tested according to CE-standards


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