4Air jacket


4Air jacket


  • Knitted Cordura AFT and AFT +

  • Knitted Cordura AFT two layer strengthenings on elbows


  • Rukka D3O® Air limb protectors
meet the requirements of CE Norm EN 1621-1 2012 

  • Pocket for Rukka D3O® Air Allback and Fullback protectors


  • Detachable 3-Layer Gore-Tex inner jacket also for everyday use 

  • AFT Plus material on sleeves, sides and shoulders 

  • Soft material in collar and velcro closure 

  • Width adjustment on upper arm 

  • Zipper and velcro adjustments in hem on both sides 

  • Jacket has a connecting zipper for trousers 

  • Four pockets in the outer jacket; two outside, left lower pocket on front 
with separate waterproof pouch two pockets inside 

  • Two pockets in detachable inner jacket 

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